Successfully facilitating groups of people through decision-making processes requires a firm grasp of the issues, a keen understanding of group dynamics, and ability to be a neutral, trusted third party. This activity is at the heart of JLA's work. Our expert facilitators are continually sought after for our exemplary work managing discussions with all types of groups, including advisory groups, boards, agency committees, and blue ribbon panels.

Clackamas County Watershed Action Plans

Clackamas County Watershed Action PlansClackamas County, Oregon
Client: Clackamas County Water Environment Services

Water Environment Services recently re-oriented their surface water management program to an integrated watershed health approach. JLA was tapped to produce a Watershed Public Outreach Program for WES that featured a tiered engagement program and schedule to integrate public input into watershed planning. A major goal was to encourage voluntary citizen actions to support overall watershed health. JLA's Vaughn Brown facilitated two site-specific stakeholder groups to provide feedback and guidance to WES in developing science-based action plans to protect, enhance, and restore the natural resource base in the Rock Creek and Kellogg-Mt. Scott watersheds. JLA also produced public information articles and media releases as part of the program.

Clark County High Capacity Transit System Study

HCT System Study Sounding BoardClark County, Washington
Client: Regional Transportation Council

Transit planning discussions haven't always been easy conversations in Clark County. JLA's Jeanne Lawson successfully facilitated a broad community dialogue about the development of a regional High Capacity Transit System Plan. She facilitated three groups - a Steering Committee of elected officials throughout Clark County, a Task Force of community and business leaders, and a large Sounding Board with representatives of all neighborhoods and other interests - through a challenging decision-making process to select future corridors and modes for High Capacity Transit. The groups were responsible for providing policy guidance and building inter-jurisdictional consensus on recommendations to the full RTC Board. The planning process overcame historical obstacles and the resulting plan achieved widespread public support.