Public Involvement in the Classroom

JLA goes to school!

We love to work with students. Including school children and college-aged students in our community outreach plans has long been a practice of ours - on transportation projects, water resource programs, land use and parks and recreation projects. Young people are often overlooked stakeholders, but we have found that with a little guidance, they make meaningful and lasting contributions to public discourse. In addition to conducting program outreach at schools and colleges, JLA has worked with our clients to develop educational materials and curriculum for use in the classroom. We have also worked with students to conduct surveys in the field on public projects as well as lead site visits and tours. It can be a great way to educate tomorrow's leaders while exposing them to new topics and even a future career path. Ask us how we can help you engage students in your next project.

As was recently reported in the Oregonian, JLA is currently helping Washington County involve Aloha High School students in the Aloha-Reedville Study and Livable Community Plan.

Aloha High School students offer ideas for Washington County Aloha-Reedville Community Plan

By Casey Parks, The Oregonian - November 3, 2011

"Students in Aloha High School's leadership class Wednesday found their desks pushed back to make room for a giant map of Aloha. The students crawled around the map, looking for their homes and favorite parks." Read the full story at

Questions about the program? Contact Miriam Hanes at 503-235-5881.