Water Resources

Water, water, everywhere! We are fortunate to live in a region of the country that is blessed with abundant water resources. With that comes a responsibility to manage it properly. JLA has established a strong reputation for developing effective public involvement and information programs on a wide range of water resources projects, including watershed plans, watershed enhancement, surface and groundwater management, wastewater treatment and conveyance, and water supply and quality improvement. We understand the terminology and have demonstrated experience working in integrated teams on successful projects.

Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer Upgrade Project (LOIS)

Lake Oswego Interceptor SewerLake Oswego, Oregon
Client: City of Lake Oswego

JLA designed and implemented the public involvement strategy for this cutting-edge project to replace and upgrade the Oswego Lake Sewer Interceptor for increased capacity and seismic protection purposes. Public involvement tasks included a project sounding board made up of influential, impacted and interested parties, community meetings, speaker's bureau, informational materials, and media coordination. JLA facilitated multiple neighborhood outreach meetings and Open House events, many highly-charged and contentious. We authored public information materials including fact-sheets, newsletter articles and webpage narratives. JLA also managed the project website and spearheaded innovative use of video and social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. This project was selected as 2011 Project of the Year for Best Capital Project by the International Association for Public Participation, Cascade Chapter.

Wilsonville Water Treatment Plant & Park

Wilsonville Water TreatmentWilsonville, Oregon
Client: City of Wilsonville

When the City of Wilsonville took the bold step of choosing the Willamette River as a permanent source of drinking water for the community, JLA was chosen to lead the public involvement and outreach process for the design and construction of the state-of-the-art facility. JLA managed a complete community engagement program, which included facilitating neighborhood design team meetings and parks advisory board meetings. We led site walks, public workshops, and developed a variety of education materials, including the production of an informational video that was widely circulated when the conversion from well water to treated river water took place. JLA also assisted the City with event planning and outreach for the opening of the plant and adjoining conference center and community park.

Watersheds 2000 & Healthy Streams Plan

Watersheds 2000Hillsboro, Oregon
Client: Clean Water Services

Clean Water Services provides water resource management for 500,000 customers in the Tualatin River watershed. JLA led the public involvement component for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the agency's basin-wide stream survey and surface water management prioritization project. Services for Phase 1 - Watersheds 2000 - included stakeholder identification, database and mail list design and maintenance, public information and outreach materials development, and facilitation of citizen based project committees for three study areas within the Tualatin Basin. Phase 2 - Healthy Streams Plan development -included review and integration of customized RESTORE modeling to identify suggested and prioritized best management practices and/or policy refinements to meet goals for stream reaches throughout the Tualatin Basin. Specific outreach services also included workshop development and facilitation, outreach materials and production of public information for project open houses.